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Solar PV Installation St Anne’s

Sep 27, 2022 | Projects - PV installations

St Annes Homes, based in Woodstock, Cape Town has just been put onto our Grid-tied PV System. This Pure Photo Voltaic system is tied to the grid, meaning that the system shuts down automatically when the grid goes down. Such systems are used primarily to lower the costs of electricity and substitute electricity consumption from the grid.

St. Anne’s Homes was a charity project we undertook in 2019 that was sponsored by the DUKKS Foundation and their partners. The goal of the project was and is to help the charity lower its running costs and thus be able to focus its funds on more needed endeavours.

some of our other installations

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Solar PV Installation without battery backup

Solar PV Installation Camps Bay

Grid-tied pure PV system in Camps Bay. This system included 18.38kWp installation.

Solar PV Installation Constantia

Grid-tied PV Installation in Constantia. This PV system comes with a yield of 17.2kWp.

Thermal Installation Stellenbosch

A STIEBEL-ELTRON heat pump system supplies heat to radiators. The radiators are specially painted to match the colours/design of each room. Some areas of the house have water-based underfloor heating, supplied from the same system.