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We are the Solar installers near you. With increasing electricity costs and loadshedding disrupting our use of electricity, why not turn to our renewable solar solutions?

We offer everything from Photovoltaic installations to underfloor heating, reach out.

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frequently asked questions

Where is Greenability Based?

We are headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa with plans to expand to other locations within South Africa in the near future.

Why renewable energy?

Just one 400W solar panel is capable of producing approximately 2kWh of electricity per day. This figure translates to 730kWh per year, but what does that mean financially? A single solar panel can save you R1,460 annually on your electricity bill, thus paying for itself within the first few years and thereafter save you money.

Why use Greenability for Solar Solutions?

We do it right and only use the highest quality materials that stand the test of time right down to the cable and connectors. Germany is world-renowned for engineering products that stand the test of time and are made only with the highest quality materials. German-engineered solar energy systems translate into additional years of saving you money through the system’s superior durability and longevity. Our products are tested in conditions harsher than the South African Climate.

How much experience does Greenability have in the field?

We have been around since 2006 and have many years of experience operating in the renewable energy sector in South Africa. At the start, we were content with just designing and installing the systems. However, as the years went by we realised the need to not only design and install the systems but also supply the parts and equipment needed. Being a one-stop-shop has given us great freedom and maneuverability in the renewable energy sector. This has enabled us to not only be efficient but also to have quick turnaround times for each installation from conception to finish.

Does Greenability operate on weekends?

Only in case of emergencies or call outs pertaining to servicing and maintenance of pre-existing systems. Our office operating hours are from Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm.