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Heating is possibly one of the main reasons your electricity bill is through the roof. Be it your daily baths and showers or a massive energy spike in winter as you try to keep warm. Depending on your pain points, we’ll tailor a solutions just for you.

Prevent cold floors & rooms by solar heating

Reduce domestic electric water heating

Climate  control


Water, floor & room heating

Underfloor heating, radiators or fancoils integrated into thermal hot water solution


Our underfloor heating, radiators or fancoils can be integrated into a solar thermal hot water solution for an installation or installed independently of a solar thermal hot water system. Either way, with separate controllers for each room one can set up room temperature as desired. We also install specially designed radiators that can keep any room warm and cosy during the cold winter months.

Thermal Solutions

How often does solar require servicing?

Solar panels require maintenance 2 – 4 times a year. We get alerted as soon as your solar panels efficiency drops. 

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reduce cost of water heating

Thermal hot water heating system integrates into existing systems


Our thermal water heating systems can be integrated into existing systems to act as a supplement. By utilizing solar geysers and thermal solar panels, solar energy can be captured to heat water for household purposes, with any surplus heat directed into swimming pools or jacuzzis. With some of the precision tools we install various water distribution equipment that ensures that the most urgent demands are met immediately.

This is but one of many solar solutions which we offer using only the highest quality products and materials. Our installations stand the test of time and we can vouch for their quality as our business has been around since 2006. 

Harnessing Nature’s Glow

The home stands not just as a shelter but as a beacon of progress and a testament to how far humanity has come.