With increasing electricity costs and loadshedding disrupting our use of electricity, turn to a renewable solar solutions. We specialize in tailored solar PV installations providing you with a sustainable solution to your electricity bills.

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reduce your electricity bill

Photovoltaic Solar Solutions


The consumer trend is electricity costs rise, which then drives interest in solar reducing bills and grid dependance. Energy-saving appliances can only reduce utility bills up to a certain extent. Whereas our systems pay for themselves over time, putting money back in your pocket. Our grid-tied systems provide power even during outages, complying with regulations and ensuring safety.

Solar ROI, or Return on Investment, is a crucial factor for individuals and businesses considering solar solutions. The ROI represents the financial benefits gained from investing in solar compared to the initial cost of installation. With advancements in technology the ROI for solar has become increasingly attractive. Factors influencing solar ROI include local sunlight availability, government incentives, energy prices, and system efficiency. Typically, solar systems offer a compelling ROI over their lifespan, often paying for themselves within a few years through energy savings and potential income from selling excess energy back to the grid. Overall, investing in solar offers not only environmental benefits but also significant financial returns over the long term.

Battery Back Up Solar Solutions


While we may be able to work around the scheduled load-shedding slot sometimes, it’s better to mitigate against power interruptions to our electricity supply.

Back up batteries charge up during periods when there is an electricity supply from the grid or solar panels. When the grid goes off the batteries are then discharged and provide electricity for the duration of the load shedding period depending on capacity and duration of loadshedding.

Typically we will calculate how many batteries are required or the size of the solution that will meet your needs and then compensate for annual battery degradation. This ensures that you get an expected and appropriate lifespan out of your investment.

avoid loadshedding

move off the grid

Photovoltaics’ & Battery Back Up


This type of solar solution ensures uninterrupted power even over periods when the main electricity grid is down. The system also constantly generates excess electricity as long as there is sunlight depending on the load.

We have found that prestigious companies are opting for these sorts of solutions in order to benefit financially in the long term.

Due to the fact that this is a hybrid grid-tied installation and Solar Panels keep on generating electricity even during periods of load shedding. During normal periods without load shedding electricity generated is used to subsidize electricity drawn from the grid. Electricity not being used is stored in the batteries. At night or during periods when there isn’t enough sunlight the batteries then discharge their stored electricity for domestic or commercial consumption.

Underfloor heating, radiators or fan-coils integrated into solar solutions or electricity


Our underfloor heating, radiators or fan-coils can be integrated into solar hot water solutions or electricity to manage the ambient temperatures within various spaces or throughout your residential or commercial residence. Either way, with separate controllers for each room one can set the room temperature as desired. We also install specially designed radiators that can keep any room warm and cozy during the cold winter months.

This sort of solution is best installed during the construction of a building or home. We highly recommend having the plumbing installed as a minimum, as this avails the option of underfloor heating in the future.

floor & room heating

reduce cost of water heating

Thermal hot water system integrated into existing systems


Our thermal hot water systems can be integrated into existing systems to act as a supplement. By utilizing solar geysers and thermal solar panels, solar energy can be captured to heat water for household purposes, with any surplus heat directed into swimming pools or jacuzzis. With some of the precision tools we install various water distribution equipment that ensures that the most urgent demands are met immediately.

This is but one of many solar solutions which we offer using only the highest quality products and materials. Our installations stand the test of time and we can vouch for their quality as our business has been around since 2006. 

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