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solar photo-voltaic

With increasing electricity costs and loadshedding disrupting our use of electricity, why not turn to a renewable solution. We specialise in tailored solar PV installations providing you with a sustainable solution to your electricity headaches.

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i want to reduce my electricity bill

i want to avoid loadshedding

i want to get off the grid

reduce your electricity bill

Solar PV Installation


The rising cost of electricity has led many to seek suitable ways to lower their consumption. While installation of energy saving appliances helps, it This type of installation helps to lower electricity dependence on the grid. Over time the installation pays for itself as it subsidises electricity drawn from the grid especially during the summer months.

This is a purely grid tied installation. Essentially, this means that if the electricity grid is down the system shuts down too. This is to keep in step with regulations with regard to Solar PV installations and for safety reasons.

avoid loadshedding

Battery Back Up


While we can always work around the scheduled load-shedding slot, its much better to not have any interruptions to our power supply.

Back up batteries charge up during periods when there is electricity supply from the grid. When the grid goes off the batteries are then discharged and provide electricity for the duration of the load shedding period depending on capacity.

move off the grid

Solar PV Installation with Battery Back Up


This type of installation ensures uninterrupted power supply even over periods when the main electricity grid is down. The system also constantly generates electricity as long as there is sunlight.

Because this is a hybrid grid-tied installation the Solar Panels keep on generating electricity even during periods of load shedding. During normal periods without load shedding electricity generated is used to subsidise electricity drawn from the grid. Electricity not being used is stored in the batteries. At night or during periods when there isn’t enough sunlight the batteries then discharge their stored electricity for domestic consumption.

some of our previous installations

Solar PV Installation Constantia

Grid-tied PV Installation in Constantia. This PV system comes with a yield of 17.2kWp.

Solar PV & Thermal Installation Constantia

Solar PV installation with battery back up for a home in Tokai.

Solar PV Installation Houtbay

Houtbay Grid-tied Hybrid PV Installation with Tesla Powerwall II Battery Backup.This Powerwall supplies 13.5kWh of usable battery back up and is fed by a 11.89kWh PV system.

Solar PV Installation St Anne’s

St Annes Homes, based in Woodstock, Cape Town has just been put onto our Grid-tied PV System. This Pure Photo Voltaic system is tied to the grid, meaning that the system shuts down automatically when the grid goes down. Such systems are used primarily to lower the...

Solar PV Installation Oranjezicht

This grid-tied hybrid PV system was installed in Oranjezicht and included a 30 panel array: 13 05Wpbwith 20kWh battery storage. A pleasure to install on this flat roof, now used efficiently to provide power to this building.

Solar Thermal Installation City Bowl

Solar PV Installation without battery backup